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BWB Flame Photometer Products

Pushing the Boundaries of Flame Photometry

BWB Flame Photometers have revolutionized the use of low temperature flame analysis. Our flame photometers are easy to use, inexpensive to operate and provide unrivaled accuracy, making them not only the first, but the best alternative to AAS and ICP for measuring Lithium Li, Sodium Na, Potassium K, Calcium Ca & Barium Ba.

BWB Technologies USA, is the sole distributor of the BWB Flame Photometers in the United States. Our products are manufactured in England. We continue to develop and enhance a series of flame photometer products and accessories which exceed existing expectations in terms of specification, usability, accuracy, reporting, build quality and value for the money. 



A solution for every application

At BWB Technologies USA, we offer
a wide range of instruments to address the specific needs and applications of our customers. 


Automated Fluid Handling System

Flame Photometer Automation

Automated Fluid Handling System (AFHS) products help increase productivity, automate your analysis and improve a result's accuracy.

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Accessories, Consumables & Spares

Ensures performance

We supply a full range of products to ensure that our flame photometers perform to the highest standards for years to come! 


BWB Support Services

BWB USA offers our unique online IQ, OQ, PQ system and Provides Installation, Training and initial calibration services and annual PM Service anywhere in the USA and Canada.


We hold substantial inventory of consumables and common spare parts and normally ship within 48 hours.


Technical support is handled within 24 hours by the Founder and Co-Founder of BWB Technologies on

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