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BWB's Unique Validation
and Certification Program

The Goals of IQ OQ PQ

  • To ensure that end users have the technical knowledge required to install and initialize their BWB Flame Photometer.

  • To ensure that end users have the confidence and technical knowledge to conduct the daily operation of any of our Flame Photometers (2015 and later) correctly and efficiently.

  • As part of BWB's commitment to higher education, the IQ OQ PQ program is a tool that can be used in the classroom as a course syllabus and student competency qualification examination. This provides students with a practical knowledge of the field of spectroscopy.

  • To meet the needs of industries tasked with complying with regulatory requirements.


Installation Qualification

The installation qualification (IQ) provides detailed steps on the the correct way to set up BWB Flame Photometers and the Automated Fluid Handling System (AFHS). 


Operation Qualification

The operation qualification covers the steps required to ensure that the Flame Photometer and the AFHS are operating correctly.  Users conduct a series of hardware checks and test readings, providing the results to BWB for analysis.  


Performance qualification

The performance qualificaton ensures that the instruments perform at the level of the original factory specifications. 

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