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BWB Flame Photometers

A Solution for Every Application

At BWB Technologies USA, we know that our customers expect more than a "one size fits all" approach to Flame Photometry. That's why we developed a full range of instruments to address the needs of multiple industries.
We offer you solutions tailored to your specific applications. 

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General Purpose 

The award winning, first
and only
5-channel digital Flame Photometer with simultaneous detection and display all 5 elements. 



For Biological Applications

Created for today's research environment. Able to perform routine measures quickly and accurately. 

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BWB XP Plus 

Enhanced Purpose

4-channel option that provides  more utility  unsurpassed levels of accuracy, usability,and reliability while reducing analysis time. 



For Fertilizer and Mineral Mining Applications

Created to measure biological solutions. and modernized for today's research work.

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For Biological Applications

Created to measure biological solutions. with simplified menu structure a enhanced Li detection. 

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The newest feature to
flame photometry

Fully configurable up to four channel Flame Photometer that detects and displays all calibrated ions at same time.


What’s in the box

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Why buy from us instead of a Catalog Supplier?


BWB Technologies is focused on producing the best technology and products in the flame photometer market. The feedback from customers is that the key benefits they see with the BWB are as follows:



Just add gas

We have revolutionized the flame photometry market by offering an instrument with all accessories supplied as standard. This means that the process of ordering a BWB flame photometer is incredibly simple. There are no complex product codes, accessory lists or ordering requirements. When you order a BWB flame photometer it will arrive containing everything you need to begin analysis.

Built in Air Compressor

We were the first and still the only flame photometer manufacturer to provide a built in air compressor. This greatly reduces noise and laboratory footprint, while increasing instrument stability, accuracy and results reproducibility. 


Up to 5 channels of simultaneous detection and display 

The ability to measure and calibrate up to 5 different ions at the same time offer huge advantages over more traditional instrumentation. BWB was the first and for a decade with five channels of detection and is Still the only flame photometer to offer simultaneous detection and display of five channels. Our customers do not need to waste valuable time fitting filters and re-calibrating when a different measurement is required. This saves Operator TIme by up to 66% on normal laboratory analysis.


Advanced calibration system 

The ability to carry out a 10 point calibration, store date and perform multi mode (multiple ions) calibrations reduces analysis time significantly and increases accuracy.  


Computer connectivity is standard

The FP-PC software package has been written with GLP compliance in mind and is included with every purchase of a BWB instrument. The software facilitates the creation of data reports in .pdf and .csv formats. The majority of our users create their Own Excel spread sheets which they intranet inter-company or share via the Internet externally. No Extra Charge- a Feature and Benefit of the BWB Flame Photometer.


Ease of use

With exceptional ease of use, a clear back-lit LCD guides users through analysis using simple menu options. The display, used in conjunction with a comprehensive membrane keypad ensures that accurate and reliable results can be obtained with minimal training. As modern labs may experience a large turnover of staff, lab managers will appreciate the comprehensive training videos supplied with every BWB instrument. Our training videos are also available online in multiple languages. Visit our website on for the full list of our YouTube channel.


Reliable and simple

Manipulation of the flame is the only adjustment available to the operator during operation ensuring reliable and accurate measurements every time.



Excellent customer and technical support from our office in Yorba Linda, California . Start up and initial training available anywhere in the USA and Canada.Novel Certificate of Competence via online IQ, OQ, PQ program.  Unique in this industry, another BWB Innovative Feature and Benefit.

BWB Flame Photometers - As easy as 1,2,3

BWB Flame Photometers - As easy as 1,2,3


BWB Flame Photometers measure Lithium, Sodium, Potassium, Calcium & Barium (Li, Na, K, Ca & Ba) with unsurpassed accuracy

BWB Flame Photometers - As easy as 1,2,3



Cement • Beverage • Pharmacies • Medical Schools • Petrochemical Paper • Fertilizer • Food • Nuclear Power Stations • Salt and Potassium mines • Sugar Industry

BWB Flame Photometers - As easy as 1,2,3



Your BWB Flame Photometer comes with everything you need, right out of the box. No need to buy expensive extras or vital accessories. All you have to do is just add gas. 

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