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The GT-DJ pH Sensor is designed for use in all high temperature pH applications. The use of pressure
compensating devices placed inside the reference cell provides proven protection from extreme temperature
induced pressure deviations. The double junction reference cell coupled with the non-fouling porous TeflonR
liquid junction assures long life in tough process applications.
The optional TOP68 quick disconnect cable system provides ease of use and the reliability of fixed cable.
The TOP68 has an IP68 environmental rating, which means it’s water tight, corrosion resistant and suitable
for wet areas high in humidity or where hose down cleaning operations are standard operating procedure.
The TOP68 should be selected where autoclaving is required.


GT-DJ Steam Sterilizable pH Sensor

  • Steam Sterilizable up to 135oC
    · Double Junction Reference Cell
    · Non-fouling Porous1 Teflon® Liquid Junctions
    · Internal Pressure Compensation
    · New TOP68 Quick Disconnect Cable Connector.
    · New Cast-In-Place Solid Reference Electrolyte

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