FP-PC and BWB Drive

FP-PC App 

The BWB flame photometer has been configured to easily satisfy the most sophisticated IT requirements. The FP-PC app provides a useful interface to the BWB Flame Photometer (FP) facilitating the following operations: 

  • Normal calibration Report production 

  • Logging of streaming data for continuous on-line applications.
    (A 4-20 mA signal can
     also be output proportional to a calibrated channel on the FP). 

  • Extraction of data from the flame photometer when operated in automatic or semi-automatic mode with or without auto-sampler / auto-diluter known as Automatic Fluid Handling System (AFHS) 

Calibration manipulation including:

1. Upload from / download to the FP

2. Storage / retrieval of calibrations using the PC or system hard drive

These functions are provided by the Welcome, Calibrate, Report, Logging, AFHS tabs together with one more (XP-Cal or BIO-Cal) that is dependent on the mode that the FP is being operated in.

The FP-PC app, included with every purchase, has been written with GLP compliance in mind and facilitates the creation of data and reports in PDF format.


BWB Drive

New for 2014, BWB have created an industry leading USB flash drive packed full of features and resources designed to aide your daily analysis and BWB experience. Exclusively for BWB customers, this self-contained resource includes:

  • Tutorial videos in 10 languages

  • PC and Mac compatibility

  • FP-PC app installation package (PC only)

  • The XP Story – A short film about the technical wizards at BWB

  • Links to BWB’s growing online video library (internet connection required) 

  • Manuals, guides, warranty information and registration PDF

  • A list of international support and distributor contact details

  • 13 GB of free space for you to use as you please!

This wealth of information is provided in a beautifully designed BWB branded USB memory stick, which includes a built in flash light!

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