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New for 2020-2021

New for late 2020-2021 ‘ACT’ (Administrative Control Tool). This Unique BWB development provides data output controls with a Single Administrator password protected access code, and then 19 additional operator access passwords with a cascading access to the operation and calibration methods from greatest to least access.
This controls both the on board Printer (ideal for a paper trail) as well as driving the AFHS (Automated Fluid Handling System) and the output from our Flame Photometer to clients Personal Computer or LIMS
systems (FP-PC). This output allows for the creation of .csv formated Excel spreadsheets for sharing with Intranet or Internet multiple users. This ‘ACT’ has been developed at the request of our more sophisticated
and demanding users embracing compliance standards of CRF 21 Part 11 and in Process Control QA,
QC laboratories for stringent reporting requirements. 


For all new Generation 3 BWB Technologies Flame Photometers this is a no charge option at point of ordering.

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Lithium, Sodium, Potassium, Calcium and Barium are measured  simultaneously



Stores calibration data
and performs multi-mode calibrations -reducing
analysis time by 65%



The lowest "cost per use"
and "cost of ownership" photometer in the industry.

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